Sedol Portable Head Massager and Telescopic Extendable Back Scratcher Pamper Set.

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Brand: Sedol Creations


  • GOOD FEELING - Within seconds of using our headscratcher you feel your stress melt away. Be prepared for a tingling and deep relaxation you'll feel all the way in your toes.Perfect handheld scalp scratcher Massagers as christmas gifts for kids and adults.
  • MULTI TONGED MASSAGER- This light and portable multiple tongs target key pressure points when massaging your scalp. Each prong has a safety tip so it feels comfortable on your head. Their sizes also mean you can take them with you anywhere and can be used as a scalp massager for hair growth
  • ANTI-STRESS & TENSION- Stress can have a negative effect on our health we are confident you will love our product which creates a feeling of well-being and calm. No more need to strain yourself stretching to scratch hard to reach places.
  • SOOTHING FEELING- Soothe yourself from itchy backs as this self-scratching tool the back scratcher has a unique design of a cute bear claw and telescopes open to a full 45cm/17.8" long to easily reach anywhere you need to scratch.its a magic tingler. Good back scratchers for men and women
  • GREAT GIFT- Scalp massager and telescopic back scratchers bundle set is an amazing gift for friends and family as it comes in a box also suitable for pregnant women and old men or women as it helps to destress. Great head massager spider.


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