Sedol Patio Heater, 2KW Outdoor Wall Mount Quartz Electric Garden Patio Heater 2000W



Brand: Sedol


  • ★ IDEAL FOR GARDEN PARTY: This electric heater is ideal to be used as a conservatory, warehouse or outdoor heater . The patio heater provides warmth with no noise, can be used in open spaces, making it perfect for domestic and commercial use.
  • ★ EASY ASSEMBLY: Pull switch control and Wall Mount fixings make the outdoor heaters more user-friendly and convenient. Adjustable angles of the outdoor patio heaters make it versatile for various application
  • ★ WEATHER AND DUST PROOF: The electric patio heater is weather and dust-proof (IPX4 rating), adapting explosion-proof net and tip-over switch for safety. No Gas or other flammable fuel is required. Quartz heating element. Voltage: 230v ~ 50Hz.
  • ★ INSTALLATION METHOD: The garden heater has two installation methods: freestanding and wall-mounted, can use as standing type on the terrace and garden or wall-mounted in a restaurant. The quartz heater has IPX4 certified waterproof function.
  • ★ 3 ADVANCED HEAT SETTING: Adapting 3 halogen fire tubes as heating element, the patio heater produces instant and warm heat within seconds. Three gears for different heat demands. 3 Heat Settings (650w / 1350w / 2000w). 45 Degree Head Tilt.

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