Oil Filled Radiator 2000W 9 Fin Portable Electric Heater 3 Heat Setting For Home



Brand: Sedol

Color: Black


  • EFFICIENT AND POWERFUL - A 9-fin, 2000-watt energy efficient electric heater that will keep your entire room warm and toasty during the winter months without the use of central heating.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - With four smooth castor wheels and carry handle, our oil-filled radiator can be easily moved around without making any annoying sound or vibrations. This plug in radiator also includes a power cord storage compartment for easy storage.
  • SET AND CONTROL - SEDOL Oil Radiator with Thermostat can be set and an adjusted ranging from 7 to 35 degrees Celsius. The Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater can be programmed to turn on or off from 1 to 24 hours using the built-in 24-hour timer.
  • LED TOUCH PANEL - This oil radiator with thermostat and timer has an easy-to-read LED display and control buttons. The LED display provides the portable radiator a sharp and modern appearance, giving it a more sophisticated appearance.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION - Our oil filled radiators with thermostat has a built-in tilt protection, and overheating protection, ensuring that electric oil heater turns off instantly in the event of an emergency.

model number: PTC-2200

Details: Warm up your surroundings with SEDOL Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater.SEDOL 2000W oil filled electric radiators heat rooms of all shapes and sizes swiftly and efficiently. It's ideal for keeping your bedroom, living room, home, or office warm, thanks to its nine oil-filled fins. Oil filled electric heaters are perfect for rooms that demand long-term heating and provide a cost-effective alternative to running a traditional fan heater.EFFICIENT HEATINGThere are three heat settings to choose from: LOW, MID, and HIGH. During the colder months, our black oil filled radiator allows you to adjust the temperature to fit your heating demands while maintaining excellent level of energy efficiency.24-HOUR TIMERThe sleep timer allows you to set the timer and go to sleep knowing that your heater will not run all night long, keeping you safe and warm.POWER CORD STORAGESEDOL oil filled electric heater with timer features a power cord storage solution that wraps and stores the cord neatly.BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURESWith heating systems, safety is vital, which is why the SEDOL oil filled electric heaters for home is equipped with two safety features: Tip-over protection Overheating protectionFeatures LED Display 3 Heat Settings Adjustable Thermostat 24 Hour Digital Timer Auto-shutoff Tip-over protection Overheating protection Wrap Around Cord Storage 4 Castor Wheels

EAN: 5060841290508

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