Honeyfield's Conservation Grade Quality Wild Bird Food, 12.6kg



Brand: Honeyfields


  • Honeyfield's Conservation Grade Quality Wild Bird Food, 12.6kg

Details: Honeyfield's Conservation Grade Quality Wild Bird Food is a great value seed and oat mix containing ingredients sourced from conservation Grade farms and is suitable for hanging, table and ground feeders. Honeyfield's source their ingredients through Conservation Grade farms from across the UK, who practice nature friendly farming and are helping to support the reverse of the decline of our most loved wildlife. Conservation Grade farms are putting the habitats back, with farmers dedicating at least 10% of their farmed area to specific habitats for wildlife. Their aim, with help, is to deliver 1,000,000 acres of nature friendly farming. The catastrophic loss of habitat in our countryside has forced birds to retreat looking for food and cover, often ending up in people's gardens. Millions of good people through wildlife friendly gardening and supplementary feeding have helped some of our best loved species, but gardens can only be part of the solution, with much of our most loved wildlife still in decline. By feeding the wild birds in your garden with Honeyfield's quality wild bird seed, you can help the wildlife that can't come to your garden by feeding the wild birds that can. 12.6kg Composition: Wheat, Black Sunflower, Cut Maize, Whole Oats, Red Dari, Red Millet, Yellow Millet & Soya Oil Storage: Store in a cool dry place

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